Experts in fleet insurance

Fleet Insurance b.v. is an independent insurance advisor and broker, specialised in commercial fleet insurance. Eelco van de Wiel founded the company in December 2010 and since our launch, we have worked with fleet owners across Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific to improve their insurance arrangements.


Customers engage with us primarily for our independent advice, track record in realization of savings, our unique potential assessment, integrated benchmarking and our experience of fleet management.

We are looking forward to demonstrate what we contribute to your business.


Intro Eelco van de Wiel After managing an insurance company, a reinsurance company and an insurance broker, all exclusively specialised in fleet insurance, I have direct experience with a large part of the value chain. I apply this expertise when advising fleet owners on how to reduce their fleet insurance costs. The clients I have worked for vary in size from 200 to 50,000 insured vehicles, with savings realized for each customer.  

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Fleet Insurance b.v. contact details Director: Eelco van de Wiel | Phone: : +31643718650 | Email: | Address: Van Ostadelaan 26, 1816JA Alkmaar The Netherlands | Broker license registration number: 12041611 | Chamber of Commerce: 56139969 | VAT number: 8519.88.970